Watch the Clock - Rolex GMT-Master II Ceramic 116710LN

Watch the Clock - Rolex GMT-Master II Ceramic 116710LN

This watch is, in fact, the first Rolex to be fitted with the Swiss watchmaker’s patented Cerachrom technology, which makes it that much more special…

If we were to explore the makings of Rolex GMT-Masters, from the time of its inception with stainless steel to its ongoing presence in its current lineup, the expedition will be an endless one. But one thing is for sure - from the “Pepsi” and the “Coke” to the “Batman” and the classic all black bezel that you see here, timeless is key to this very Rolex model that once available on Goldman Luxury.


Rewind the clock about three years, the bi-coloured Cerachrom bezel Rolex GMT-Master II made headlines at the Basel World in 2013, all thanks to the fact that the use of two colours in a monobloc bezel was deemed to be impossible before. Well, until Rolex proved this point otherwise. Of course, the juiciest of the lot remains to be the white gold, ceramic “Pepsi” model, which costs upward of $35,000 here in Singapore.


But in our eyes, while the “Pepsi” stainless steel ref 16710 remains to be our all time favourite, you cannot deny the ageless and abiding looks of the 116710LN. But the icing on the cake, apart from the fact that serious travellers can adapt to their new time zone without affecting the precision of their timekeeping back “home”, has to be the expanding half link that comes in handy on hot and humid days when your wrist swells a bit – perfect for our weather.

The GMT-Master II features a couple of improvements from its predecessor. The Twinlock crowns are now things of a past, replaced now by Rolex’s Triplock crown. However, this lovely thing is still rated at 100 metres, rather than the standard 300 metres of the Submariner. And while it’s thicker at 21.1mm, it remains to be a perfect diameter measurement of 40mm. Oh, and the red 24-hour hand has been replaced with a green one instead, making it that much more uncommon and notable compared to other watchmakers.

When it comes to its movement, there is hardly anything else that comes close to the precision and sturdiness of the calibre 3186 in the GMT-Master II. Equipped with the Parachrom hairspring, the self-winding 3186 offers greater resistance to shocks and temperature variations, enhancing the very fact that it’s perfect for a traveller.


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