On Someone’s Watch - It's a Full-on Tool, Fool!

On Someone’s Watch - It's a Full-on Tool, Fool!

Women should not be concerned with fashion because to Cindy Chen, Graphic Designer, great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads.


Welcome to the fine taste of the fairer sex, a world where women take charge of futurism and chic, minimalism and exoticism, nonchalance and attitude and have them all mixed into an ultra-modern collection to represent themselves today.


From her tastefully folded skinny jeans and mustard Tods loafers to flowing, checked blue shirt matched with a simple black belt, Graphic Designer Cindy Chen is the epitome of laid-back luxury and effortless glamour. Couple that with her timepiece bearing the shield logo that has a relaxed twist of yellow bits and suddenly the lady gives her simple and down-to-earth outfit a new lease of life as a standout daywear.


Like the woman who wears the watch, the Tudor North Flag on her left wrist is filled with understated confidence, natural sophistication and lots of stories to tell. It’s a tool watch, mind you. And a true blue one at that.


“It’s the kind of watch that has as sense of in-built heritage, almost like a treasured find from a family wardrobe. You keep this piece long enough and it’ll eventually become a family heirloom. I intend to keep this for my son!” Cindy said with a laugh.


She’s not wrong, really. The Tudor North Flag, bearing the watchmaker’s very first in-house manufacture calibre MT5621, is one rugged, functional and bomb-proof tool watch. You can easily imagine this timepiece being handed down from one generation to another, considering how much of a lived-in, vintage quality the North Flag actually has.


“I think more importantly, I’m really enjoy how humble and understated this watch really is. I would love to have the Rolex GMT-Master II Ceramic 116710LN or even the Rolex Explorer II Ref 16570 Black, but I suppose that will be another story for another time. For now, the North Flag is something of a milestone for me. It keeps me grounded and reminds me just how important it is in life to be hungry and humble,” commented the 30-year old Graphic Designer.


Cindy got the Tudor North Flag from Goldman Luxury Watches for slightly over $4,000. And she’s almost certain she’s returning there to get her next watch by the end of this year. Preferably a Rolex, of course.


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