On Someone’s Watch - An Explorer’s Story

On Someone’s Watch - An Explorer’s Story

We get up close with Jack Lee, Sales Manager of an online company, to see how he chooses to celebrate his achievements in life as how he chooses his watches.

Jack’s way of collaborating with his clients and business partners has entered a new era. Like how he chooses his watches, Jack has an impulsive yet unruffled soul, driven by curiosity as well as spontaneity. He thrives on the unexpected adventure every day brings. Thus, bold eclecticism and versatile essentials such as his Rolex Explorer II and his comfortable pair of Raoul footwear are the royal order for the day.

Perhaps that is exactly why Jack added the watch in question to his personal collection, making it quite a feat for someone who has yet to hit the age of 30 yet.

“A fluid and flexible watch, which can take me from being a kopitiam man one moment to a top notch fine dining gentleman the next, is my very secret weapon,” said Jack. “Being able to conveniently interchange my watch from steel bracelet to this rugged rubber strap further enhances the appeal of the Explorer,” he added.

To a large extent, Jack isn’t wrong. As what we mentioned before in our earlier post, while exquisite wouldn’t quite go well with this particular watch that you see on Jack’s wrist, down-to-earth would be an apt phrase to describe the very buyer of such a watch.

Another reason for the purchase is how the watch matches his personality. Being an avid traveller and an explorer of life made him realise how important it is to keep track of time, both locally and overseas. When asked why not the GMT-Master, he simply replied, “Affordability.”

“Costing a fraction less than the GMT-Master doesn’t make the Explorer II any less of a Rolex. The company is blessed with skilled craftspeople and watchmakers who have toiled the brand for decades, finishing every piece of watch with the utmost precision and elegance. So why not the Explorer?”

Nonetheless, Jack hopes to have the GMT-Master II Ceramic Ref 116710LN added to his collection in the near future.


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