On Someone’s Watch - Wearing it with Pride & Prejudice

On Someone’s Watch - Wearing it with Pride & Prejudice

They say Swiss-made watches are the best in business but to Nigel Yong, avid watch collector and passionate writer, his Seiko Marinemaster Spring Drive GMT is his proudest watch yet.

Outdoor pursuits and a spirit of adventure capture the heart of this young man. Ready to answer the call of his job, which requires countless outdoor undertakings and travelling, his range of watches - from Seiko and Citizen to Rolex and Tudor - embodies the age-old scout motto: ‘Always wear for the occasion’.

And just like the watch in question, which happens to be his proudest possession yet, 26-year old Nigel Yong believes in quality rather than quantity. Equipped in his Red Wing boots, an army-inspired backpack and his Seiko Marinemaster Spring Drive GMT timepiece, this modern pioneer appears ready for anything and anyone who comes his way.

“I’ve always been a fan of Rolex and my favourite has always been the GMT-Master. But when I laid my eyes on this, I knew immediately I had to have this watch,” said the young lad. “There’s just so much character in this watch that it’s simply hard to ignore. The size, while big, adds on to the aggression it exudes. Plus, with its GMT function, it became clear just how suitable it really was for me, especially with my travelling schedule.”

While that may sound a bit over the top to most, it’s hard to discount the very fact that not many people are willing to fork out close to $5,000 on a watch that doesn’t bear the crown logo, much less a Seiko. But to Nigel, it’s all about pride. According to him, it doesn’t matter what naysayers think, what counts is how much you really appreciate the watch.


It does seem clear to us that this very watch gives him the freedom to roam and dream without boundaries. Vintage patches on blazer sleeves, a Filson duffle bag that will create an imaginary jungle story, a set of Rayban Aviator sunglasses to match the rugged pair of jeans and the Seiko Marinemaster Spring Drive GMT timepiece.

This is the new kind of fashion frontiersman: Simple, rugged and luxurious with a tinge of playfulness.


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