On Someone’s Watch - A timeless and inspirational piece

On Someone’s Watch - A timeless and inspirational piece

He thinks that every man should own at least one Rolex because to this man, wearing a Rolex is like a meeting of time and mind. We get together with Julian Kho, Editor of sgCarMart.com, to find out more about him and his GMT-Master II.

For generations, Rolex has been known for producing mouth-watering, sophisticated watches. From the iconic “Pepsi” and “Coke” GMT-Masters to the funky Milgauss and timeless DateJust, the Swiss watchmaker has been on top of is game as it creates enduring designs for its watches that many of its competitors can only wish they have thought of.


And over the past five years or so, the Rolex customer has emerged as a recognisable and young figure - the sort of polished urbane dynamo who is likely to be found in the management team of a successful company or clicking through the latest newsletter of The Peak while rifling through his Danny P briefcase searching for his Comme des Garcons wallet. Such a man, as you would come to expect, is someone like Julian Kho, a motoring editor by day and a passionate writer by night.


“It’s always good to remain hungry and humble in life,” said the pint-sized editor when asked about his motto in life. When it comes to his collection of watches, he says that Rolex is still the most legible and full of life. “Rolex has an appeal of a quintessentially gentleman style - relaxed, touch, informal and devoid of the signposts of class and position that so many other watches try to embody,” he added with a confident shrug.


Perhaps, in more ways than one, Julian could be right. When he first purchased the watch from Goldman Luxury in Far East Shopping Centre, it was merely the most ‘logical’ thing to do. After his Milgauss 116400GV, the Marinemaster Tuna Can 300m as well as the Rolex Explorer II Ref 16570 Black, getting a GMT-Master II 116710LN seemed rational. Of course, it soon grew that this watch played another kind of main role in a very cool sort of way - an almost inseparable from the rest of the avant-garde watches he ever wore.


According to Julian, the appeal of this watch grew so much that it almost seemed like it was less that of the arch, bohemian outsider than the honest, hardworking man. Evidently, dressed in his pink short-sleeved shirt and Nudie jeans, whatever the occasion, it’s no surprise that Julian managed to pull off the very fact that the Rolex GMT-Master II lies at the very heart of what watch aficionados are looking for - casual and humble yet timeless and inspirational with a deeply masculine nature that should not be concerned with fashion.


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